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RFQ Process

The Village of Ossining released a Request for Qualifications (RFQ) in July of 2019 seeking a developer that would strategically generate a concept plan best fulfilling the needs of the village. This village-owned site is conveniently located on Main Street, Water Street and Central Avenue along the Sing Sing Kill and referred to as the DPW Site. The Village of Ossining’s RFQ was adamant in collaboratively working with a developer to fulfill the vision of Ossining’s community in accordance with their guiding principles below.

Wilder Balter Partners spent over six months working with consultants to create a development to present to the village. WBP worked diligently to develop a plan that takes the needs and desires expressed by the village above, and incorporate them into a development that benefits the waterfront community in many ways. Our main vision was to build off the RFQ and redevelop the site in such a way that it becomes an asset to the greater Ossining community, with connections between the downtown and waterfront, great architecture and land planning that brings activity to this part of the village, all while creating a mixed income residential community that will provide a wide array of housing opportunities to the village. WBP submitted our complete Request for Qualifications in September of 2019, presented our concept plan to the village in January of 2020, and was awarded the selected developer in April of 2020.