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Current Conditions and Challenges

  • The DPW site is currently used as a transfer station for the Village of Ossining Department of Public Works. As seen in the photos above, the building onsite was originally occupied by the Ossining DPW garage, but is now just used for storage and will further be demolished prior to the start of construction.
  • The DPW Site presents a few development challenges requiring strategic planning to build around. Below are a few of the site challenges:
    • Remediation and soil clean-up of contaminants from the former Ossining Manufactured Gas Plant under the NYS Brownfield Clean-Up Program. Contaminated soil to be remediated and properly removed off site.
    • The site is currently located in a multi-site consent order between Con Edison and the NYS DEC. This requires the site to be removed from the current consent order and entered into the Brownfield Clean-Up Program to allow for proper remediation.
    • The to-be preserved Sing Sing Kill Brook that flows directly through the center of the site.
    • Geographic challenges including rock/ledge and the need to bridge the steep slope between the Waterfront and the Downtown.